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is more than a restaurant!

Temsalet Kitchen is a multi-purpose kitchen that was born in the heart of Samrawit Petros. 

Established in 2015 and located in Sar Bet, Temsalet Kitchen focuses on providing job opportunities for unemployed women.


Temsalet means ‘exemplary’  and the idea behind it is simple:

One trained woman (supervisor) is placed among a group of untrained women to coach and teach them to acquire new skill sets. Learning takes place organically at Temsalet, in a form of sisterhood. Once the women have acquired new skills, they are placed with new employees to keep the cycle going.


exemplary women

The name “Temsalet” which is to mean an “exemplary” in Amharic. The restaurant’s aim is to create work opportunities for women who are in need of financial support due to different causes in their lives. Temsalet staff provides various trainings from professional trainings like cooking, waitress services to life-skill trainings such as self-leadership, so that they may use it for a longer period of time than they could from just a financial hand out. They believe in creating the opportunity where the ladies could be their best selves. The whole Temsalet team works together creating the sense of one big family instead of a work relationship environment that includes, taking each others’ matters. The money that we receive from customers and support goes directly to an investment – Temsalet Women. They named the place “Temsalet” so it could be a model for the good deeds they do where others could take something out of.

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